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Networking On A Budget

Far Reach understands the costs of doing business. Far Reach will work with you to find a cost effect solution to integrate your business with technology.

Getting more bang for the buck is the goal of every executive. But who has time to investigate every new technology or entertain all the vendors, service providers and consultants who come knocking?

Don't worry - we've done the legwork for you. We've combine practical advice and real-world experiences that should help in your cost-cutting quest.

While the tactics and tools may vary, the strategies and principles that guide the most successful budget stretchers remain the same.

  • Delegate - Sometimes it's hard to give up control of a part of your network to an outsider, but if you're facing staff, skill or time shortages, it might be easier and less expensive to go with an Far Reach, who specializes in providing the services that you're looking

  • Consolidate -Three-quarters of a typical LAN budget and nearly half of a typical WAN budget are devoured by staff costs - Far Reach is the solution.

  • Complexity - is your enemy. Simplicity is your friend. Try to impose a single enterprise wide standard for e-mail platforms, LAN protocols, network hardware and remote access systems. Standardization makes everything easier, including training, maintenance and upgrades. And let's not forget the Far Reach slashed discounts - We work for you not against you.

  • Automate- If there's a tool out there that can automate a process you're currently doing manually, anything from configuring IP addresses to distributing software to keeping an eye out for network outages, it's a safe bet that such a tool will save you money.