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xG Technology's mobile VoIP product line will combine the metropolitan area coverage of xMax base stations with the indoor hotspot coverage of VoIP.

The key value proposition for xMax is that it lowers the cost of deploying broadband services. xMax accomplishes this by increasing the range of RF signals. By delivering broadband signals orders of magnitude farther than other technologies operating at the same frequency and power level, xMax reduces the amount of infrastructure required to cover a given area wirelessly by 25-50 fold depending upon the terrain.

Leveraging customers' existing Internet connections, which saturate signal inside the home, xG Technology's new product line will require even fewer xMax base stations to flood signal over a given service area.

This pairing of xMax and the internet into a dual-mode handset makes the deployment of mobile VoIP services possible without relying on existing cellular networks. Increasingly, the ability to reach consumers directly without touching incumbent service providers' networks is a valuable and strategic option for a growing number of companies.

xMax makes wireless metropolitan area VoIP possible and leverages the customer's existing network to reduce infrastructure costs; therefore, it is natural that they are converging into a mobile VoIP solution.

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