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Work Beyond the Network

Microsoft .NETKeep working whether or not you're plugged into the network. Smart Client software, based on Microsoft® .NET-connected technology, combines the reach of the Internet with the power of local computing hardware.

For the business world, one of the most exciting promises of the information age is the opportunity to provide employees with access to information and the tools to act on that information whenever and wherever they need to. To a certain extent, that promise has already been achieved. Today, most businesspeople work on PCs that provide access to information, applications, and resources far beyond the boundaries of their local machine.

There are limits, however. Today's Internet model for information and application distribution assumes access to a network connection, but ubiquitous Web connectivity still lies in the future. And some computing tasks require robust functionality that can only be provided efficiently by "rich" client applications that reside on the local computer.

A challenge arises when your organization requires both the flexibility and immediacy that comes with online access to data and applications, and the full functionality of traditional client software.

Business agility

Don't throw out your existing systems. Microsoft .NET-connected software makes it easier for you to share or integrate information using the technology you own now.

Deliver access to the data, applications, and services your employees, customers, and business partners need via a Web browser and see them work more efficiently with you.

From recruitment to retirement, manage your most valuable assets—your people—more effectively.