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Gigabyte / Terabyte System Networks (GSN)

In this age of electronic business, banking and electronic life in general, data is being formed "on the wire". That is to say, fast and in mammoth amounts.

With the simple ability to order merchandise over the Internet, a significant amount of this business records start accumulating. Soon an never-ending amount of information flows. Your customer is not anonymous, he has a name, address, telephone number , a means of payment, and questionnaires with important data.

The goal of collecting data is to make use of it. Information is the character of the business in today’s world. If Knowledge is power, business is information. what a customer, partner or competitor will do in the near future, what decisions they will make, what products they will buy, what information will affect them the most for making their decisions. With information and knowledge, you can make decisions that will influence the course of your business.

Knowledge of your customers and clients is a key factor in successful business. Having that information at your fingertips is our business.

The technology is ideal wherever organizations require timely movement of large amounts of information including scientific and technical computing, HDTV, data mining, transaction processing, video and film archiving, and storage management.

GSN technology is by far the fastest networking technology available today. GSN is the highest bandwidth and lowest latency interconnect standard, providing full-duplex dual 6400 megabit (800 megabyte) per second of error-free, flow-controlled data.