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Far Reach Email

Tired of limits? It's time to think about your email. It's your email service, so you should determine what the limits are.

IPSWITCHFar Reach Technology's email server contains the features and safeguards you need. If email is to be fully integrated with your business and it directly impacts your revenue, our email server is the messaging solution you need. With no limits on users, lists, or domains, our email server contains industrial-grade features while remaining easy to use.

Far Reach email is economical, easy to install and maintain, web-accessible, and highly-secure (SSL and relay prevention included). Our remote administration feature also lets you run things from an off-site location using any PC with a web browser. This means convenience for you.

It is compatible with standard e-mail clients like Outlook, Eudora, and Netscape, so users do not need to learn a new program.

With the ability to reduce spam and expanded ease-of-use, and help increase efficiency and reliability, it is a solution for you and your email needs.

A Web-based calendar allows users to keep and store multiple schedules, appointments, task lists, and date reminder information accessible through an intuitive and user-friendly Web interface to increase user efficiency.

Open Standards Support for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 allows for a wide range of compatibility with e-mail clients.

Administration - The IMail Administrator makes e-mail management so easy that even a novice can perform account maintenance and other common administrative tasks.

ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) Support - Our Email Server supports the Windows NT/2000/XP user account database, its own database, or an ODBC database. Using ODBC, users can be drawn from any external database that supports ODBC (e.g. Access®, SQL®, or Oracle® databases). This makes IMail Server integration with your existing customer billing, student enrollment, HR, or other systems a snap.