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Business Solutions

Far Reach can dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity associated with building, deploying, and maintaining mission-critical, content-rich Web sites

One of today's most valuable business tools is the Internet. More and more small- and medium-sized companies are using the Internet to expand their markets and reach more customers on a daily basis. Large corporations, on the other hand, are increasing the number of Internet applications they use. Far Reach's Internet Business solutions offer the capability to bridge the gap between customers, employees, and partners, enabling them to work together as a tightly knit virtual organization.

To maximize your business' benefits, you need more than just a connection. You need speed and you need total internet marketing and e-commerce efficiency. And you don't need to spend a lot of money to get what you want.

Far Reach provides a total internet solution:

  • Customer Care

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • E-Learning

  • Supply management

  • Security

  • Workforce optimization

  • Communications

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Support

  • Internet Consulting

  • E-Strategy

  • Web Site Development

  • Intranet, Extranet Development

  • Web Hosting, Support and Maintenance

  • Live and Recorded Broadcasting Solutions

  • Online Database Development

  • Application Development and Outsourcing (.net ASP, Active X, C++, JS, VB, etc.)

  • E-Marketing Strategy

  • Online Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Content Management