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How well your company safeguards information can be a competitive asset or a liability. Think of the Internet as an ocean of people, companies and institutions that you have at your fingertips. Now think of how you would feel if confidential information about your company, such as customer data, was leaking into that ocean.

E-mail system
Far Reach uses the most sophisticated email security available.
Security isn't a concern for the vast majority of people sending e-mail. Its common use encourages most people to send a variety of documents without concern for security. All in all, this is the right attitude to take toward this communication channel. Hijacking of e-mails or information in attachments is rare.

Web site
Far Reach web sites are secure. With measures in place to thwart security breaches from outside and inside its organization.

  • Security technology. SSL (secure socket layer) is a common method for securing e-commerce data. It could put your customers more at ease.

  • Security audits. We and your system administrator is notified if a breach occurs.

  • Internal precautions. Far Reach will keep technology locked up to prevent intrusions by unauthorized employees.

Consider online backup services.

Far Reach offers the ability to store copies of your most-vital business documents in a secure area that you can access through the Internet.