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Flash Com Server

With Macromedia's Flash Communication Server (FCS), developers can create and deliver online communication applications that can be used to host Web conferences, enhance online learning, support collaboration, and share data. Developers who understand Flash MX basics can use an assortment of pre-built FCS components to easily synchronize and share audio, video, text, and presentation files. Advanced Flash MX developers can build FCS applications from the ground up or integrate the pre-built components with custom features. The possible ways it can be used to enhance teaching and learning are extensive: for example, it potentially can be used to deliver lectures and presentations; faciliate discussions and group work; create learning games; conduct surveys and polls; and develop role-playing exercises.

Macromedia Flash
Communication Server MX

Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX provides a complete environment to develop and deploy solutions for integrating multi-way audio, video and real-time data into your websites and Rich Internet Applications.

Powerful Communication Capabilities
Create and deploy powerful new Macromedia Flash applications that include video and data broadcasts, shared whiteboards, virtual conference rooms, message boards, polling, live chat and messaging and much more.

Easy Development and Deployment
Rapidly develop rich communications applications with a highly integrated set of authoring, debugging, and administration tools.

Open Integration
Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX works with major existing platforms on the client and server allowing you to enhance and leverage your existing investments.

Far Reach Content
Delivery Network

Far Reach's network infrastructure is engineered with the performance, capacity and reliability to broadcast high-volumes of streaming media for the small business or large enterprise-level clients.

High Performance
Gigabit interfaces on all core equipment combined with multiple backbones give Far Reach's network the performance required to meet the demands of digital broadcasting.

The Network is engineered to immediately respond to any hardware, software or POP failure.

Redundant and Diverse
Every operation is mirrored on one or more duplicate systems so if one area of the network is congested, data will be immediately routed around the bottleneck.