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Bulk Emailing

Far Reach understands the principles of Bulk email marketing, using sophisticated hardware and software to successfully promote your company, to a targeted audience

There are three elements of bulk emailing:

1. Offer : Basically, your offer means, what are you going to give them and what are they going to give you? The offer is critical to the success of your email effort. You need to be crystal-clear about what your offer is, and you need to be crystal-clear in communicating it to your recipient.

2. List : You might have a great offer, but if you send it to the wrong list it will flop. On the Internet, targeting trickier than in the world of direct mail, where you can examine a standard-format rate card, look over demographic data, or get help from an experienced list broker or consultant. The email list business has few standards, and it can be hard to be sure whom you are dealing with.

3. Creative: In advertising, "creative" refers to the concept, copy and design of an advertising piece. Good strategy and copywriting can make a big difference.

Thanks to us, your web site will stand out in the crowded e-Commerce market and get noticed. Far Reach continues to set the standards for strategic Internet marketing and online advertising. The Internet is a vast network. No amount of conventional advertising can replace "web presence", positioning within search engines and bulk emailing.

We take pride in the quality of our work, and it pays off for our customers. We spend time getting to know each client's special needs. It's a win-win situation, and we run our Company that way. when our clients grow, we grow.