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Integrated Design

Far Reach is a full service company. Able to provide your business with web hosting, networking, providing bandwidth, site design, database design, graphics and multimedia, and more.

Far Reach researches and develops strategies based on your company or business needs.

Research Before the first page is developed Far Reach conducts a comprehensive study your products, services and goals. After your organizations web presence goals are determined, objectives are formulated to obtain that goal. Each goal is then assigned a priority (an example goal would be to double leads by the August 30).

  • Information assembly Far Reach works closely with your representatives to gather the data and information necessary to compose or redesign the database or site.

  • Company Liaison A company representative is usually assigned to work closely with our development team. Ongoing communication with the client is crucial to sites development. More often than not the company will assign one and in some cases many employees the task of assisting in the site development. Far Reach has the experience to coordinate and steer development to achieve the goals and objectives.

  • Marketing Marketing is one of the most important phases of site development. A well-developed site is of no value if no one can find it. Far Reach has the skills, knowledge and abilities to obtain proper search engine placement and Internet marketing techniques.