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Domain Name Management

ISO 9001 certified -
  • 2 64 bit CPUs – OPTERON 270 DUAL CORE

  • Integrated PCI Graphics
    ATI® RAGE™ XL 8MB PCI graphics controller

  • 14 x 300 GB Hard disk Sata II  8MB/7200
    2 x 80 GB Hard disk Sata II  8MB/7200 for OS

  • Memory 4 GB DDR333 ECC Registered

  • NEC 6650A 8X SLIM DVD+RW/-RW

  • Windows 2003 Enterprise Server

  • Redundant Power Supply 650 Watt 

  • Two 3 WARE 9500 8 port SATA  controller

  • Dual Gigabit lan connectors

  • Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Features and Benefits

Easy Installation and Maintenance


Screw-less top cover for easy maintenance


Hot-swap trays for easy maintenance

Complete System Function & Compatibility


Ready for mission critical application with 3H


Support storage capacity up to 3TB and more


Compatible with 3ware/Pormise RAID card


Multi-MB support: Intel / Supermicro / Tyan / Gigabyte /Asus


1 x Slim CD-ROM + 1 x Std FDD + 1 x Internal HDD


1 x internal HDD for O.S


Front access USB 2.0 ports

Excellent Thermal Solutions


12 drive bays

Support 3 pcs of 4 in 1 SCSI/SATA/Multilane SATA B/P for good ventilation
Right angle COMM CON for hot swappable hard drive (IBM/WD/Maxtor)
Support 3ware Multilane SATA solution
2 x 60 mm rear fans for excellent air ventilation

System Monitoring


Fan / over-heat fault detection


Reset switch to disable audible warning

Application References


Media/Streaming Server/Video-on-Demand


Mobile Internet Service System


Corporate Files Servers, DB/File Server


Data Retention and Archives


Video-on-Demand, Digital Image Capture


Security and Surveillance Systems


Digital Image Capture