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Web Hosting at Far Reach Tech.

When your business is looking for a host, you must find one that understands service and your needs and be able to provide full service, to the web site you are running . Ensure you choose a web hosting solution that is a efficient and affordable.

What comes with your site at no added charge (activate them if you choose).


Far Reach doesn't provide a place to park your online business, we provide a super highway.

  • FrontPageŽ  - based Web site

  • ASP. NET (ASP, ASP.NET, SQL, Database compatible)

  • Database Hosting (Access, SQL, Visual FoxPro, Fox Pro, etc.)

  • Web based E-mail

  • Video Streaming (Window Media Server)

  • ILS Server - Video Conferencing

  • Ipswich's IMail Server

  • 24 - 7 Support

  • Backup servers on the west coast of the USA







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