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Far Reach Technologies Announces Mobile VoIP Deployment In 76 Markets Next Year

10-16-2006 - DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Far Reach Technologies today announced that it will be launching mobile VoIP and Broadband services in 76 markets across 8 states in the US. The networks and handsets will be produced by xG Technology and the services will be branded as xMax. xGs technology is the greatest technical advance in RF communications in 100 years. The xG systems will enable us to offer in-demand broadband services at lower rates, and a path to 4G services in 2008, said Russ White, president of Far Reach Technologies. The first system launch will occur in March, 2007 in Volusia County, Florida. The additional launches will take place in the second quarter of 2007. Far Reachs deployment has been funded with $100 million by the multi-billion dollar US based Phoenix Foundation and underwritten by a major UK based bank.

Far Reach will initially offer the first ever metropolitan area mobile VoIP, with internet access and data services to follow in November of 2007. In 2008 the service offering will expand to IP Television. At that point Far Reach will have a triple play of services to offer in value bundled packages. No other carrier is projected to have all these services available for years to follow. The mobile VoIP service will have a $39.99 flat rate with all domestic long distance charges included. The company also envisions flat rate world wide calling. Our market proposition is superior broadband products with value pricing, said White. White was one of a select few partners to attend a demonstration at xGs Ft. Lauderdale, Florida lab in September. As part of the demonstration, xG transmitted the wireless xMax signal of streaming video three miles, using 3 milliwatts of power to an off-the-shelf laptop. Independent test results have confirmed that xG technology significantly outperforms other known wireless technologies for range, data rates and power consumption.

Far Reach, the oldest ISP in the Volusia County area, will be a major participant in what will be the largest wireless network service rollout in history.



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